The Kandinskys' Family Tree

IV Generation

Ancestors Descendants Silvestr Khrisanfovich Kandinsky
According to the decembrist Nikolay Bestuzhev's diary, during his travel long the Amur river in 1857-58, «he got a very warm welcome in the Kandinskys' castles in Biankin».

Wife  Wife - Dominika Fiodorovna [Kandinskaya]

Descendants Nikolay Khrisanfovich Kandinsky

Wife  Wife - Aleksandra Semionovna [Kandinskaya] (Smolianinova)

Descendants Iosaf Khrisanfovich Kandinsky

Wife  Wife - Matriona Ivanovna [Kandinskaya]

Descendants Khrisanf Khrisanfovich Kandinsky

Wife  Wife - Maria Mikhaylovna [Kandinskaya]

Descendants Nikolay (Junior) Khrisanfovich Kandinsky
In the early 1850s he was the first Kandinsky who moved to Moscow, where nevertherless being paralysed and blind, he carried on the commercial activities. His portrait by K. Reichel is in the Irkutsk Fine Arts Museum in Western Siberia.

Wife  Wife - Marfa Nikitichna [Kandinskaya] (Sabashnikova)
An aunt of the famous Russian publishers brothers Mikhail (1871-1943) and Sergey Sabashnikov (1879-1909). She was painted by Nikolay Bestuzhev in Kyakhta in 1848.

Descendants Khristofor Khrisanfovich Kandinsky
A merchant. He lived in Kyakhta. As a dowry, he gave a house to his daughter Klavdia when she maried Lushnikov.

Wife  Wife - Maria Ksenofontovna [Kandinskaya]

  Darya Khrisanfovna [Razgildeyeva] (Kandinskaya)
The sons of her relatives A. A. and N. A. Razgildeyevs and she were teached by the exiled decembrist Wilhelm Küchelbecker while he lived in Aksha (1836-41). The children Anna, Vassa, Misha and Diozhinka loved him very much.

Husband  Husband - Razgildeyev (name and patronymic unknown)
(beginning of the XIX sentury)

Ancestors Descendants Dmitry Matveyevich Kandinsky
The decembrist Wilhelm Küchelbecker tried to agree with him about teaching Dmitry Kandinsky's sons and wrote about it in his diary on June 25 1841: «We agreed with him about his sons. Oh Lord, let it come true!» But unfortunately the teaching did not take place.

Wife  Wife - Anastasia Petrovna [Kandinskaya]

Descendants Piotr Matveyevich Kandinsky

Wife  Wife - Tatiana Mikhaylovna [Kandinskaya]

  Fevronia Matveyevna Kandinskaya

Descendants Ivan Matveyevich Kandinsky
(1819 - 1844)

Ancestors   Piotr Alekseyevich Kandinsky

Wife  First wife - Elizaveta Platonovna [Kandinskaya]

Wife  Second wife - Agrippina Yakovlevna [Kandinskaya]

  Yegor Alekseyevich Kandinsky

Wife  Wife - Ekaterina Nikitichna [Kandinskaya]

Descendants Maria Alekseyevna [Tokmakova] (Kandinskaya)
The decembrist Mikhail Bestuzhev met her during his voyage long the Amur river in 1857-58.

Husband  Husband - Fiodor Vasilyevich Tokmakov
His uncle was a book keeper at the Russian American Company in Yakutsk town.

Descendants Ksenofont Alekseyevich Kandinsky
He received Mikhail Bestuzhev and other Decembrists in Biankin.

Wife  Wife - Feodosia Georgievna [Kandinskaya]

  Agafya Alekseyevna Kandinskaya

Descendants Yakov Istomin (patronymic unknown)
A son of Alexey Kandinsky's wife in her first mariage.

  Descendants Mikhail Kandinsky (patronymic and parents unknown)
(XIX sentury)

Ancestors   Paraskeva Vladimirovna Kandinskaya

  Andrey Vladimirovich Kandinsky

Wife  Wife - Nadezhda Vasilyevna [Kandinskaya]

  Akulina Vladimirovna Kandinskaya

Ancestors   Ioann Kirillovich Pliaskin

  Yelizar Kirillovich Pliaskin

  Loga Kirillovich Pliaskin

  Nadezhda Kirillovna Pliaskina

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