The Kandinskys' Family Tree
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Welcome to the page dedicated to the genealogy of the Kandinskys.

Here you can find the roots of my family in the XVIII-th century (and even some information about the earlier periods) and its evaluation till the present days. From this page you can pass directly to the genealogy, and to the ABC list or (if you wish) you can first read some information about how to use this site and a brief story of how the Kandiskys' Family Tree was created.

I hope you would enjoy this site.


  Leonid Kandinsky.  


  ABC List. All the «representatives» of the Tree in alphabetical order
The First Kandinskys. Information about the first known Kandinskys (XVII-beginning of the XVIII centuries). They are not «linked» to the main part of the Tree yet, but they are the oldest known Kandinskys and they surely deriver from the same root as all the others.
I Generation. Beginning of the XVIII century
II Generation. Second half of the XVIII century
III Generation. End of the XVIII-beginning of the XIX centuries
IV Generation. Beginning of the XIX century
V Generation. XIX century
VI Generation. End of the XIX-beginning of the XX centuries
VII Generation. End of the XIX-first half of the XX centuries
VIII Generation. First half and middle of the XX century
IX Generation. Second half of the XX century
X Generation. End of the XX-beginning of the XXI centuries
XI Generation. Beginning of the XXI century

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May 27, 2004. Information about Anatoly Viktorovich Yanchukovsky's descendants. More thanks to Nikolay Yanchukovsky.

February 18, 2004. Anna Anatolyevna Yanchukovskaya son's name was updated.

February 2, 2004. More changes in the Yanchukovsky branch! Please have a look.

January 27, 2004. Once again thanks to Nikolay Yanchukovsky. A big quantity of information regarding the Yanchukovsky family as well as their relatives Obolkins and Griniova was added. Now the Yanchukovskys are the most nemerous family in the Tree after the Lushnikovs and the Kandinskys. And now there are eleven generations in the tree! Even if the eleventh one is composed of only one name.

December 12, 2003. Aren't you tired of spam yet? As for me, I am. Every day I get about a hundred letters, and amoung them only 1 or 2 were really written to me. :(
For fighting this cancer, I have modified all the e-mail links on my web site like that: email(at)domain(dot)com. Now it will not be enough to click a link and send a message, you will have to change all the (at)s in @, and all the (dot)s in . manually. I hope, the spamming robots cannot do it.
Sorry for the inconvenience. Or thanks to the spammers.

December 11, 2003. As I had promissed before, much information has been added about the descendants of Olga Khrisanfovna [Yanchukovskaya] (Kandinskaya). Thanks again to Nikolay Yanchukovsky. And he promissed more details.

December 5, 2003. I added information about Olga Khrisanfovna [Yanchukovskaya] (Kandinskaya) and about her husband Viktor Fedoseyevich Yanchukovsky. Thanks to Nikolay Vladimirovich Yanchukovsky, a direct descendant of Olga and Viktor Yanchukovsky. I hope to get his help and to bring this branch of the Tree till the present days.

September 19, 2003. Once again thanks to Dina Romanova, was changed the patronymic of Aleksandr Ivanovich Romanov (he was erroneously called Alekseyevich).

August 18, 2003. Aleksey Alekseyevich Lushnikov sent a detailed information about himself.

August 3, 2003. After a long interval, the site was updated: thanks to Dina Romanova I got new information about Yulia Petrovna [Romanova] (Shvetsova), her husband Aleksandr Alekseyevich Romanov, daughters Maria Aleksandrovna and Anna Aleksandrovna and son Aleksey Aleksandrovich Romanov. I also added information regarding the spouse of the latter Dina Maratovna [Romanova].

January 24, 2003. After a couple of weeks of inactivity due to the hosting server change, the site is up again.

The archive of the news is here.

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